Guidelines for authors

Articles submitted to the Journal should be relevant to the area of phenomenology. Papers which are not related to phenomenology will not be accepted for consideration by the Journal. 

Manuscripts must be previously unpublished.

Texts should not be simultaneously proposed for publication to another journal (or volume), until the author receives the answer from the EDITORIAL BOARD of Studia Phaenomenologica.  Authors will receive a decision within 4 months from the receipt of the manuscript; in some cases, the evaluation process might be longer.  

Manuscripts should be submitted only in electronic version, via email as attachment, in Word Document format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), font size 12, Times New Roman (see CONTACTS).  Articles should not be longer than 75.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes. Review-articles should not be longer than 25.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes.  Book-reviews should not be longer than 8.000 characters, including spaces (please do not use footnotes).

Papers can be submitted in English, French or German. The editorial board advises authors writing articles in foreign languages (non-native speakers) to have their papers proofread and revised by a native speaker prior to submission.

Articles should be accompanied by an abstract written in English (maximum 700 characters) and 5 keywords. The authors are required to use the FORMAL EDITORIAL RULES of the Journal. 

Accepted articles can be republished 2 years after the first publication in Studia Phaenomenologica. The authors can make available on personal websites only the pre-publication form of the article (the submitted version) 2 years after the publication.